January 21, 2015

Prince Royce

         I was beyond excited to attend the Prince Royce concert at Madison Square Garden. His style is Latin pop (bachata), and is one of my favorite types of music. I wanted to attend his concert because he is one of my all-time favorite Bachata singers. I have always desired to attend one of his tours, but never had the chance to do so. I love that I could attend his concert due to the fact that I won the pair of tickets by calling a radio station!
         As I walked into the venue, I noticed crisscrossed light bulb wires all throughout the ceiling. This added a vivid feeling to the whole venue; it was exceptional. Its large size also added to the unforgettable experience as did the audience, who was extremely large and loud. They were all huge fans, and everyone hurried to their seats to wait for him to present himself. There were males and females of all ages. I saw various couples, but mostly females attended the concert. This displayed how much the female population loves him, due to his soothing vocals. The dress attire ranged from casual to upscale casual. For example, due to the freezing weather, there were fans wearing pants, fancy shirts, and boots. There were also other females who wore flashy dresses with high heels, in which many seemed not to be able to walk in. The typical behavior of the people attending this concert was simply loud yelling, laughing, and even crying! This revealed how dedicated and infatuated the audience was when it came to singing along with him.
         He was not the type of performer who just stood there and sang. He got off the top platform, grabbed the microphone and roamed freely around the stage; he definitely interacted with the audience. As he walked around, he would stop and stand by the edge of the stage to sing directly to one female. There were various times when he would pause and point the microphone directly to the audience as if they were the performers. He even ran to the drums, paused, and then started tapping on them slowly. As many singers have done before, he hopped off the stage and girls started to reach towards him. Once he got back up, he raised both of his arms and waved them around from left to right. The whole audience followed his movement. From where I was sitting, it seemed like a big wave had formed. He is known for always taking out a rose and throwing it to the audience. That is exactly what he did in this concert. He took a red rose, kissed it, and sent it flying through the air, which made all of us go crazy and start yelling at the top of our lungs.
          He had two outfits throughout the show. He was wearing all black in the beginning of his performance: slim-fit black leather pants, a black t-shirt with a red icon on the front, and a black flashy blazer. The sleeves of the blazer had a sparkly type of material, which made it very unique. A silver chain hung from the side of his pants. About half way through the show, he left for less than two minutes and came back wearing all white as he sang one of his songs that stated, "I want to be your prince, my love."
         The extras definitely completed his overall performance. There were three big televisions: a screen on the left side, right side, and a big one in the middle of the stage behind him. The side televisions zoomed towards him while he was singing, but the middle one periodically changed scenes during every song. It went from sunsets, to lights, to clouds, streets, mountains, and even beautiful women appeared on the big screen when he was singing about them.
         The guitar, piano, and drums were used throughout the entire show. The ukulele was used for one special song, "Darte Un Beso,” but the show revolved mostly around Prince Royce's vocals. The quality of his voice was very soothing, which supported the lyrics of his songs. I can definitely tell Prince Royce is a romantic! All of his songs involve love and appreciation of the female population. He even said in the show: “My songs are about love and life. Without life there is no love, and without love there is no life.”
          This show exceeded my expectations. I would definitely attend another Prince Royce concert in a heartbeat. I feel like I truly connected with him and as a fan of his music, I was not disappointed with his performance. I was simply blown away to hear how he sounds exactly the same way as on the radio. It was an honor to meet one of my idols, and this concert will be one that I cherish for the rest of my days.

-Jessica Gutierrez, Fall 2014